Meet Susan Crawford! The Soul Sisters creator and facilitator!

Susan Crawford delivers a unique style of learning that has been inspiring people for over 15 years. With a background in social work, adult education and coaching, Susan expertly weaves together her personal and professional expertise in a fun and interactive environment. She generously shares her warmth, creativity and passion, and through her own transformation has learned to let her inner light shine. Susan also spent three years as a dance student at BellyUp starting as a Beginner and working her way up to the Intermediate level. Much to her surprise she began performing with BellyUp's eariest student troupe. She left BellyUp to marry and start her family. She now has two beautiful daughters and a loving husband.  

About the Soul Sisters Program: 

Inspiration is everyhwere. Sometimes you have to look around you, other times you simply need to look in the mirror. BellyUp's Soul Sister Workshops draw inspiration from some of the leading thought leaders in the field of self-discovery, positive psychology and well-being. Get ready to expand your sense of clarity, tap into inspiration and harness the deeper sense of purpose by reconnecting with your best self. 

Are you ready to discover a better, freer, more vibrant you?

Join our Soul Sisters workshops to explore, connect, and transform how you see yourself - your true self.  You'll be side by side other like-minded sisters who are ready to tap into their inner creativity.

Your Soul Sister facilitator, Susan Crawford will lead this semi-structured workshop and will introduce a core concepts through interactive exercises, plenty of group discussion and opportunity to dive into soulful self-reflection.  You'll take away a plenty of "travelling inspiration" to keep you curious, motivated and engaged to continue your path to self-discovery.   

Susan will guide your through this nurturing workshop designed to spur and unleash your imagination and capture new ideas of what is possible for your life. Recover and reclaim your sense of self-worth and identity and put yourself on a path to higher creativity no matter which direction you choose. It's your time to discover, transform and shine! ‚Äč

New Workshop dates to be announced. Please email with your interest. Advance registration is required. No drop-ins. Register online or at the studio. E-transfers also accepted.