Join BellyUp in Downtown Burlington for our exciting 10 Week Winter Course and let us take you on a journey into Egyptian style Bellydance. BellyUp is one of Canada's premier specialty dance studios. We offer a wide variety of classes for the absolute beginner to the advanced level.
 Come join us and get registered for our Winter Course! If you've missed the start of our session, many of our classes allow you to jump in anytime.

Step through our door and you'll discover a spacious oasis designed entirely for lovers of all things Bellydance. Our classes are fun, challenging, informative and inspiring and our helpful staff is there to welcome you and make you feel right at home. We share our passion for Egyptian dance through classes that focus on mastering the essential building blocks of the dance form. We teach the culture and the history behind the world's most ancient dance form. We also bring our students the top Egyptian Master teachers every year to add to the rich dance education you'll receive.
Classes for Beginner to Advanced are offered evenings and weekends in addition to ongoing specialty workshops. Click here to see our Winter Schedule.  

Take a tour of BellyUp Burlington! 

BellyUp is located in Downtown Burlington's beautiful Village Square just one block from Burlington's spectacular Waterfront district. We are a spacious 2500 square foot studio. A lower level oasis that offers our students total privacy and a feast for the senses. The studio oozes the bellydance vibe the moment you walk in. Bold colours, peacock feathers, silk cushions, and rich, drapey fabrics are everywhere. BellyUp is the essence of Egyptian flair that transports you to another world. We're the ultimate haven for women who want to discover Bellydance as an art form, as an alternative form of exercise, as a way to make new friends and spend time in a supportive environment. You'll get a great workout and learn about the history and culture behind what makes this one of the most beautiful and universal dance forms loved by women all over the world. 


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