Mostly all of our classes are for recreational dance purposes. They're social, educational, and promote good health, self-esteem and empowerment. We offer beginner to advanced-level classes. Typically, dancers who are more advanced enjoy performing and even working as professional dance artists, and may be part of a dance company. Many, however, choose to take classes for fun, fitness, and learning. Classes are one-hour each unless noted otherwise. Classes consist of a warm-up, technique, drills, combinations, and some include choreography. Our dance fitness classes, "ShimmyFit" and "LatinBelly" are just that... dance for fitness and are not focussed technique. You follow-along, get a good sweat going and just enjoy the movements and the exercise it provides. Our other classes are technique-based and always teach the style as an art form. Students in recreational classes are invited to perform at our annual recital and/or student haflas if they are keen on performing. 


Some of our weekly group classes are designed for the student who has a definite interest in performing or is already doing so. These classes concentrate on technique, conditioning, and versatility. These dancers are taught to develop self-confidence, discipline around practice and are constantly pushed to develop their technique, self-expression and finding their voice as a dancer. Students can expect constant feedback and guidance, learn choreographies and how to improvise, develop musicality, and learn a multitude of styles within the Egyptian dance genre. Our Weekend Warrior Workshops allow the student to delve into specific areas to really hone their skills, broaden their understanding and develop their overall talent.  Our mission has always been to develop and educate knowledgeable, well-rounded dancers who have a thorough understanding of the history and culture behind the dance form.