Weddings. Showers. Family Celebrations. Cultural Events and Festivals.

BellyUp's entertainment agency provides professional Bellydance performers for for weddings, anniversary parties, birthdays, any type of family celebration in addition to corporate and community events, fundraisers etc.  Our clients can expect polished performances, unique and lively choreographies, elegance and ability to entertain audiences .. all family friendly entertainment. Kids love us!

  • Hire one or more of our dancers to perform at your next celebratory occasion.
  • Book a Bellydance party at BellyUp or off-site at your location. 

Read what others have to say about the Ala Nar Dance Ensemble:

"Have always been impressed with your ensemble since first time I saw them a few years ago like I exclaimed then." - Yasmina Ramzy

"Absolutely outstanding performance ladies." - SuSu Abdo

“You are the synchronized Olympic level team of Bellydance” – Shelina Amarsi

“You ladies were awesome and unmatched! You showed everyone how it should be done. You are definitely the Star Bellydancers!” - Tamara MacDonald

"Beautiful and talented ladies! ... Your lines were so clean and immaculate. So well-deserved!" - Teressa

"First time I've seen a Belly Up performance and it blew me away! Great energy, choreography, technique...just awesome!!" - Shelly Baboolall

"Your piece was gorgeous. As are all of you!!" Anuka Dances

"You guys absolutely nailed it. The reaction of my non-bellydancing sister was priceless -- jaw dropped in admiration. Yeah!" - Faith Boughan Saraiva

"You were stunning and flawless!! Loved everything about the routine! Congratulations!!" - Clara Um

"I knew Ala Nar would win. Yalla yalla!" - Judi Reeves

"Very beautiful team work." - Serif Hosney